Related to alimony and domestic violence

My wife filed divorce case. My wife is earning 70000 per month and i am jobless from 1 and half year. We have two flats in name of me and my wife. My wife asked to take one flat to me and other flat she is asking to give full possession to her.. I appeared in the court, but she didn't show up in the court for any proceedings. Now after almost 9 months she has filed domestic violence case, and has included my name along with my mother, younger brother, my married sister and sister's husband, and is asking for alimony of 50000 per month for daughter's education and future. She is falsely claiming that we all have joint business and we earn more than 2-3 lakhs per month jointly, and being in good position in terms of money she has right to alimony of 50000 as maintenance to child. And also has attached our property papers to claim alimony. We have received notice yesterday only and date of hearing is on 6th october. how can we able to get more time, so that we can find lawyer and pursue the matter further. Also we dont want to give irrational amount of alimony, what should we do??