Regarding tenants

Sir/mam, My father have raises his two shops on rent. One about 7 years ago and another in last year. The first shop was given to lady as she is running a beauty parlour in it. My father doesn't make any legal paper work with her as she said that she will leave it on demand by the landlord or in 3 years. My father was OK with her and gave her the shop. But after 3 years on asking to leave it she refused and suit a case on us. She is submitting the rent in the court as we have also not given any receipts for collecting rent from her. Now the second one was given to a ladies tailor as the first time we gave him the shop he leave it on asking as on a day before muharram in 2014 as we were having very friendly terms with him. But after some time he again came to ask for sho by saying that he had taken a shop somewhere and construction process is going on it so please give me the shop for rent for 6 months and I will leave it in September 2015. My father gave him the shop but he insisted for paperwork. But he refused. On pressuring him a lot he have a word with us on notary. The agreement was till Dec 2015 but after that he did not leave the shop. On saying him again again... He suited case on us and the lady and tailor are now demanding money in return to leave the shop. Please help us as we are 3 brothers and we all are unemployed till date.