FIR under section 147,148,149,323,427,341

Dear sirs, Last month i was attacked by 3 unknown persons in main road near railway station; during attack i got blood injuries in my head,leg.,hand and 15000 mobile also broken. afterthat i lodged a FIR against 3 suspects who behind this attack within 1 hour. Police also filed the FIR under section 147,148, 149,323,341,427 and get signed from me and given 1 copy to me on next day. However in FIR copy the name of suspect put as UNKNOWN and value & loss of property put as NIL. I asked the same in police station but they told the complained persons are not directly attacked you hence put as unknown & for mobile nothing they told. They just collected my blooded shirt and told we call u upon catching the attacked person. but till date no improvement/ action in my case. In this scenario what i need to do? I have doubt that police also got money from the suspected persons and become silent on my case.. kindly guide me what i need to do further to get justice & compensation for my losses.