Civil criminal problem

My problem is a case Where I executed a Sale Agreement after accepting 50 % of advance and the sale has to take place within an year from the date of agreement. The purchaser did not have further sale consideration and hence, before the expiry of agreement of sale brought his Father-in-law and induced me to execute a Joint Development Agreement 60 % and 40 % ratio on the same property, the money given as advance was supposed to be kept as security. Believing his words, I executed JDA in the Sub Registrar Office with Rs. 1000/- stamp paper. No sooner I did this, he moved to police station and filed a Private Criminal complaint PCR on the alleged of fence against him under section 420 IPC and 406 IPC. He further filed a civil suit for recovery of his advance money paid with interest. Hisn father-in-law meantime died. I had also executed a Registered GPA to his Father-in-law, who while alive sold a portion of the scheduled property in the guise of selling an apartment, whereas the JDA itself was stalled by the developer and the purchaser. The civil case decreed in his favor- purchaser and I appealed to High court. The RFA filed against the lower case also dismissed without proper hearing. The property under dispute is illegally occupied by the purchase and his family. What is the stand of Criminal case dated 4/12/13 with above judgement ? ( No Trial has started since as the court wants documents which are filed in civil suit ) I want to be put in possession of my property What is the stand on JDA agreement executed on 28/04/13 and how I can cancel it ? What is the status of the sale deed of a portion of the scheduled property ??