Employment query

Hi I have done Axis Bank's Young Bankers Program. In this, you are supposed to spend 9 months training in their Bangalore Campus and the rest 3 months are of internship. The branch where I was doing my internship had a lady branch head who used to harass me and threatened to fail me in the internship. Also, their policy says that the letter of joining will be given after one clears all the exams including internship. I was given the letter of joining on 28th September. . The evaluation for the internship was done way back in the starting September itself.Ideally, they should have got the internship scores before handing out the letter of appointment to the candidates. But, After reporting at my designated branch for posting the HR called me and told me that I have failed the internship. On enquiring further the head HR told me that they have got the evaluation scores after handing out the letter of appointment to the candidates. They are asking me to surrender the letter of appointment to them. I'm facing mental trouble due to their lapse in administration. Before dispencing the appointment letters it was their duty to find out who has not cleared the internship and not let those candidates join and it was clearly stated that only those who clear the internship will be given the appoinment letter. If I had not cleared the internship why did they hand over the letter of appoinment to me ?? They did not bother to find out who has not cleared the instead before giving the appoinment letter instead after giving the letter of appoinment they are asking back for it. I was happy that I had secured a job but because of their feeble administration and lack of co-ordination amongst themselves I am facing mental trauma. Can i file a complaint against them for troubling me mentally by first giving me a job and later taking it just because of their slackness ??