Custody of child

Sir, I want to know about filing case for my kid master rishon lall(Male). Now, 7 years of age. The tasks done by me so far are here as under:- 1) Filed Guardian and ward act section 25 at Family court, Rampur in year 2014. --> Wife did not appeared in the case even after informing her in 125(3) and 498A case and advertising in newspaper. (Lost this case, impugned judgement by family court,Rampur) 2) Filed First appeal for stay of case mentioned in point 1 at allahabad high court, allahabad,up wherein judge asked to submit Rs1,00,000/- in family court, Rampur, UP --> Money not submitted in family court,Rampur 3) I have filed a case in family court Ghaziabad u/s 9-12 for visitation/meeting rights to kid master rishon lall . --> Case currently in family court, Ghaziabad, UP and sommons are sent to wife on 28.09.2016 points to ponder:- 1) Married with nirupma maxton on 09/10/2008(Thursday). 2) Rishon Lall born in Rampur at St. Joseph Hospital on 31/07/2009.(My native place) 3) Filed mutual divorce petition (Abbr. MDP) in July 2011. 4) Mutual Divorce Petition (under Section 10 A -Christian marriage act 1968) clearly state following. a) Marriage was solemnized at Ingraham chapel, Gzb without any dowry. b) Point No. 10 of MDP states that both the parties cannot file any case on each other during the pendency of MDP. Important for filing second appeal. ---------------------------------- c) During MDP myself has filed an application under section 43 of IMA for visitation rights of his child. Court ordered for meeting child during court hours on falling court dates on 3/2/12. d) wife has filed an objection application for point c) on 17/2/12. Sir, please let me know can i file second appeal at high court, Allahabad, UP and probable order of high court? Thanks and Regards, E.L.