We are 4 persons in our family. Our mother and father are no more. We have our Mother's self-acquired property in 2 main places at our native town (HOSUR, TAMILNADU). One place has 3 shops and another 4 shops. My mother had written a will, mentioning that we do not have rights to sell the property but to enjoy only the fruits. My Mother had written in the will that 1 property had to be shared by 3 and another to be shared by 4. She had not clearly written in the will as to which part of the property belongs to whom. Our lawyer has suggested to file a suit through my wife. We have 1 child, my elder brother has children and my sister has 1 daughter and my younger brother is unmarried. Against our partition suit, my elder brother has filed a suit, not to share the property, otherwise I will sell off the property. In the circumstances, my elder brother had sold a portion of property to the tenant of a shop. The sale is not registered. Later, with a fraudulent mind, my brother told the tenant that the signature is not his in the sale documents. The tenant has filed a suit against him. Now, can we cancel the will so that I can sell the property? What is the advice? The partition suit takes so long because of the pending cases (as it happens to every client in India) and also my elder brother takes unnecessary adjournments through the court.