Powers of Govt. to acquire land for road widening ..

Sir, I would like your advice on following land related issue: 1.I have 2 acres of land on a state highway in U.P. purchased 12 years back.Recently it has been announced that it is being upgraded to national highway. 2.I had obtained NOC from PWD according to which I was supposed to leave 60 feet of land from the centre of road which I duly left for the boundary wall. 3.The site is for school for which CBSE has requirement for 2 acres.Incase the road is widened and our land acquired we won't be able to meet out CBSE requirement of land of 2 acres.The construction is already in progress and we are not in a position to back out at this stage.Though not having the required land will not make us eligible to apply. 4.We had got our land converted to non-agricultural category under sec 143 by orders of SDM courts about 3 years back. 5..Though we haven't received any notice to the effect..i would like to know what should be the correct approach in such cases.What is the significance of land use change?.How much land is generally acquired in such road widening cases?.And how much the social cause of things such as school weighs in such cases?. Thanks.