OC Certificate inspite of illegal temple structure in the premise

Hi, I am a resident from Mumbai. We have purchased the property while being under-construction. It is a tower (22 floors). Currently it is built completely but we are yet to move in. The builder has built an illegal temple in the premises for a community that does not live in the building. First he build the entrance to the temple inside our premises. They had to enter our gate to go to the temple. But due to our objection, the gate is built outward. However the temple premises is still being used from the society's area. The temple occupies a decent area of the premises amounting to around 10 lakhs in value. The society has not been allotted parking space in addition we are being deprived of this space. While purchasing the property we were not told about this. The builder is not willing to relocate the temple in a different location too. The builder says the OC certificate is due anytime. I was wondering how could the OC be granted inspite of the illegal structure. Secondly, is it advisable to file complaints in the municipal corporation against the builder before the OC or once the OC is obtained. I am not sure if the OC could be revoked at the later stage due to the illegal structure. Note that this structure is in the premises but not directly attached to the building. However it is close to our entrance gate and at ground level. I will appreciate your responses and advice. Looking for advice to take this matter forward on behalf of my society.