My wife warned me to marry her.

Dear Sir/Madam I got married on 26th march 2016,me and my wife from same city,but she is working in kerala from past 4 years.She don't like to settle down in my city.This is arrange marriage,after 3rd day of marriage ,first time we got time to sit and talk to each other in real before we used to talk only on phone for almost 12 months. I never been to her work place and she never met me in real when she came to my city on holidays and festivals. So while im talking to her in real i noticed much difference and i got doubt in her attitude and asked her to ring me right now,she replied me no balance,just give me miss call and show your display how you saved my name in your mobile phone.simply she ringed me and showed i haven't saved your number,dialing always from dialed list from past one year. Im shocked and noticed fake interest to get married in front of society ,no one forced her to marry me,she herself had this decision to marry me,22nd Jan 2016,she called me and said that after marriage i don't like to carry knot,finger ring,foot finger rings,bangles, etc..that means she don't like to show herself to society that she got married that what i noticed. On 23rd Jan 2016, I called her mom and informed that im not interested in this marriage pls don't tell to your daughter that I called you now.when you call her next time please give bad impression on me and cancel this marriage im sorry,i cant handle marriage life with your daughter because she don't like to carry anything after marriage and she want to settle down in kerala ,definitely there will be lot of mutual understanding problem in future we are wrong match and this is not right marriage. Immediately after completing my call her mom informed to her daughter this guy don't want to marry you and he want to cancel this marriage.My wife called me on same day and gave warning if this marriage cancel I don't look back to spoil my life and your life too.. After strong warning im scared and decided to marry her.If i don't marry she will spoil my life she warned me in advance.My taught went like this incase if i don't marry she may plan for suicide no doubt she will mention my name saying im the only reason to her suicide. So that i will be in jail of rest of the life instead of all this better to marry. After marriage she stayed in my city at her home for 9 days and went back to her work place.our marriage is registered on 6th day after marriage i guess,we never had physical relationship after marriage,she haven't saved my number.she haven't called me to give send off im very upset and stop calling from my side and she haven't bothered to call me same thing happened for 2 months. After 2 months me and my mom went to her home and asked her mom is this real marriage or fake marriage? If this is real marriage send your daughter to my home,later her mom and whole family changed the real story and created fake story and filed 498a and 506 on me,my mom,my sis and brother in law...... I do have phone calls recording before marriage her mother said many times after marriage she is your family girl and she will be staying at your home. I do have phone call recording which i said to her mother please give bad impression on me to your daughter and cancel this marriage pls don't share this information with your daughter but her mother shared this information with her daughter and immediately her daughter called me and warned me i will come to your house directly from kerala and i don't know what i will do,i don't look back to spoil your life and my life... Before marriage,my wife and her family played good mind game and forced me to marry her after marriage divorce drama from her.Almost she played with my feelings,time and money,they paid no dowry or anything else just paid 20k rupees to buy groom wedding dress. Before my wife and family haven't informed me she is elder to me in age.I noticed on the day of my marriage registration at the registration office. Can i file any case on my wife? Can i claim this marriage as fake marriage? can i get compensation because she warned and forced me to marry her and later without physical relation she filed 498a and 506. She lied with her age. She wasted 7 Lakhs rupees almost on the name of this marriage from my side.She forced me to cancel my other marriage proposals too.Can i use my phone call recordings and her sms to my mobile as evidence in the court? .To withdraw fake case on me and my family she is asking money ,already I paid 50k rupees and we had evidence copy.Hindu religion same caste. Thanks You! Regards GIRI ROKULA