Regarding shelter

Sir, I belong to Kerala(Nair fly)and my husband is from Maharashtra,belonging to lingayat fly,it is an intercaste marriage,(love but arranged),He is the youngest son in the family, we r married for the past 6 yrs am 38 yrs old and he is 44 yrs late marriage,He has got one elder brother married and one elder sister(married).The elder brother and eldest sister both are childless couples, we r the onlycouple having child, 2 year old daughter,now the problem with me is I am facing physical and mental torture from my husband , he is not ready to take any responsibility of mine and my daughters,not even the basic necessities, His family have a house of their own, but we are staying in rented house,now he blackmails me saying he will not pay the house rent and goes to stay often at his house in the same city with his parents ,and I am jobless.He is having an affair with his brothers wife which I caught red handed, to make her happy he insults me,not ready to take any of my basic necessities, all this while I was contributing Becos I had job,and many times my parents helped me financially, now I quitter tht job, to take care of my baby.I am all alone in that city no one to help and am not able to understand how to go about,My brother in law and his wife planning to drive me off, they started feeling insecured when I started talking abt mine and child's rights, my husband is on their side, I don't want to divorce him can I have rights on their house(only property they have&1500sqFT land),House on father in laws name, and land on mother in laws name,My husband is working in a firm newly joined as graphic designer, 15000rs payment, everyone he says he doesn't have money, moreover my husband brought a truck on his name and given it on rent for gas agency, I don't get any money from that business too, the profit is being enjoyed by his elder brother and wife, My husband is very happy with it,my in laws are staying with my elder brother in law from the beginning, how can I claim for my shelter and my basic necessities, Do I have rights to have a share of that house,and for my basic necessities, since I am jobless and don't have any own house or property,elder sister is staying separately, this marriage has been reg under special marriage act, I don't want to go through court as this may be time consuming, I would like to file complaint with Rights for women commission, I don't want divorce from him only shelter and money for my necessities