Intercaste marriage

Hello sir My name is Rahul Pandey. I love a girl who is from different caste for a year or so. In the beginning I didn't told her that I love her but after few months she got married and I thought not to tell her at all. But after few months she approached me and we became friends and once again i fell for her. At last I told her that I love her. At first she refused and told me that it is wrong and I knew that too. I said to her that she doesn't have to love me back I just wanted her to know that I love her. After sometime time we came emotionally close enough and she told me that she is not happy with her husband she doesn't love her but due to family commitments she had to marry her. After seeing her in tears I can't stop myself from telling her that I want to marry her at all conditions even she is from different caste and already married. She told me that it is impossible fir her to leave him right now but she doesn't know how long she can go along.? Two days earlier we travelled together and spend some quality emotional time. But tomorrow her husband checked her WhatsApp account and found about us. He called me and asked me to stay away from her. He also filled a complaint against me at 1090 and I got a call from police but I got relieved after initial warning of not to call or message her again. Sir I can't live without her and she feels the same way. I know my parents will never accept our relationship. But I don't care this time because last time when I was with a girl of same caste they didn't accept her either. Sir I will not say that I will die without her but I can say for sure that I can't live without her. Please help me and guide me but I will not leave her at any cost. Anxiously waiting for your reply