Check bounced

Hi, i have taken money 5 lakhs from a person in 2013 . i did pay 10rs interest for 5 months through bank transfer around 2.80 lakh . after that my business collapsed . could not able to pay back to them . They have taken 2 checks for the security purpose one is 2lakh and another one is 3.50 lakh... in 2014 they did bounce my check purposefully even after i requesting them that i was in troubles. when the check bounced i was left my rented house and moved to another house nearby. i do not now if that time they sent me a lawyer notice. i suspect that they might have done. Since i was not on that home . recently their daughter came from overseas and went to my old house and enquired about my new home address and came to our house. we clearly told we need some more time to give them money since till now we did not pay for my kid school fees as well. She listened and while going she might have enquired about my home address at watchman... they bounced another check of 3.5 lakh 10 days back after her visit and now i got a lawyer notice. .. post man daily asking me to take it. Should i take it? i told post man to send back to them mention on it "door locked". should i take this notice or send it back ? i want some more time to settle them. wat to do now? or should i change my home again to avoid this notice? my main purpose of this email is i want another one more year to recover from my loss and pay back them. please help