Request for regular service order through DOLR. govt of india.

Sir, behalf team of 2000 team member with deploma/ batchlar degree in agri , veternary or master in social work agriculture engineer , wdt watershed development team , we are engae through privet employement furm for jount venture by central & state scheme IWMP Integrated Watershed Management Programme for watershed in all over 33 district in maharashtra, spouncered schem by department of land resources govt of india. 1. Initialy contractual employement was for 11 mont, lattter it get repeted with gap of 7 days period. for 6 month perod 4 time. we are working from 2012 sept. 2. Here wages recived are 17700 pm with take home 11900 pm. 3.we seems oursef to be victim when observed to govt employee subjected to status, & comparison of remunaration & benifit. 4. As we are working directly for govt through privet employer, we are deprived status of govt employee. above four point are sufficient to file request for regular order of service , inted of contractual employement for contractual service. 5. For pwrsonal request , i have qualify ugc-net in managment with mba& btech in agriculture. as ugc is apex institution for grants in higher education & research and as i belongs to sc community, is there any provision to protect this existing employement as contractual period ends on 30 sept 2016. please guide us for getting regular service order through department of land resources.