False Allegations of DV

Hello Sir, I got married on 16th July 2016, and was trying to live happily by providing my wife all comforts and fulfilling her genuine needs. She was happy too but used very rough or foul language sometimes. On small incidents, she gives suicidal threats or running away from home threats. I'm under training period but used to come every weekend to meet her and enjoy our married life. I pay all her mobile and internet bills, etc. I gave around 10000cash within 1st week of marriage and 3000 in her account. Although her tone, language and attitude was very insulting and and humiliating everyday, over phone or in person, the problem reached to peak when I went to meet my old lady friend without actually informing her and later she took out the call recordings from my mobile and created the big scene out of it. I too tried to check her phone openly so we had physical fight although I was a bit defensive, in front of my maa. Since that day, she is very vulgar in her speech and all the time taunt me, and mentally harass me. Now she started putting all false allegations that I never gave her money, and never did anything for her comfort and pleasure, etc. We already informed her family but they all just stuck to the point that who was the girl, which I don't want to disclose her identity as my wife and in-laws are in great anger. Now my wife is planning to put a false DV case on me since she could not prove my adultery with that girl. What can be done and how to save myself from this false DV. Thanking you!