query about moving out of home to Initiate seperation steps.

Hello, I am a working women and because of certain reasons, would like to go for divorce. Its been 3 yrs to my marriage; having no kids. After having a dicussion with my husband on the situation and on - to go ahead with mutual agreement for divorce, i see that he will take some time to conclude and come back with an agreement on this. So for now, i would like to move out of this house. Concern here is, if i move out simply without taking any legal step, i have fear that he might put some wrong alligations against me (like fraud case of running away with jwellory/money etc), so i want to be in safer side and at the same time do not want to put any case against him so that things can be moved simply without any non-sense. Please suggest me a way around so that i can move out of this house simply BEING IN SAFER SIDE TOO (may be just putting an informative application in mahila thana will work or so?) and over the period of time i am looking forward for his agreement on the same without putting alligations against each other.