Lock in period in rental agreement

I toom a property on rental without having a look at the place physically myself. Paid an advance rent before i could see and on the saod date of visit, paid the deposit amount as well - Monday 5th Sep. However we did not like the place so informed the owner the next morning that we dont want to take the place and offered to compensate woth 2-3 months of rent. He indicated he needs to talk to lawyers. Post that, i asked him to take the keys as i wont be moving in so the same was handed over to his neighbours on Saturday 10 Sep as per his instruction. We kept waiting hoping to get some leniency from his side but he mentioned that the agreement had a 9 month lockin period and hence we will be expected to pay the said amount - 45k per month × 9 months So as it stands today, we have 9 months of rent with him which we transferred as advance rent and security deposit. Thee keys are with him and in all likelyhood he would have got a tenant - just guessing about that part Is there any way to challenge this? Given that we didnt move in and expressed our intent of not continuing with the property in less than 24 hours and the clause indicated an option to terminate within the saod lockin period by mutual agreement but they stuck to 9 months