Filing police complaint for giving life-threatening warning

Hello I am a young woman living in a society of retired government employees. Today while i was returning from the canteen inside the society after buying groceries, I gave some biscuits to the hungry dogs on street. I happened to put just a poly bag on one of the car's rear. After feeding them, i picked up my poly bag and started leaving. Suddenly i Heard someone yelling, i turned to find a woman of about mid 50's approaching me. She started asking me" what did u keep on the ground" I said"biscuits" She said " why in front of my house?" It was on the road and so i mentioned it is public property. She said that is her car. I apologized that i did not know and will not repeat. she kept raising her volume and asked me where do i live. I reckoned that she must be mentally disturbed for creating a nuisance over nothing so i started walking off and said you can find out where i live as almost everyone knows where i live. She threatened that "she will give a blow on my head" loudly. I still did not react and went my own way. She tried to harass me by following me with her male driver in her car and even approached my house but i guess she did not see me. I do not feel safe having a mentally sick person around. what should i do in this situation? Could you please advice me.