Delayed Delivery of Modular Kitchen

Hi, We worked with a company for three weeks (last week March 2016 and first two weeks in April 2016) and arrived at a kitchen plan and signed off on the plan of the kitchen with dimensions to the millimeter detail. I then confirmed my kitchen order from the same company On 17th of April where they claimed that every 22 days they ship out a kitchen from their production site and the kitchen is completely modular in nature where within 3-5 days of delivery it will be setup and ready to use. We paid 60% of the price of the kitchen for our production to start on the 3rd of May. One month after my order I called the sales person and he says it is in production. I then called him near the end of two months. The salesperson this time says that there was some delay due to other orders and they will club my order with another customers' order and ship it soon. I then called him 1st of July where he says certain things in the plan has to change (some changes and some reverting to some earlier version of the plan) and if I wanted them to remain as we signed off on paper then there would be a delay in production. Delay in time or days was not specified, but we were anxious to get our kitchen produced since we had already waited on it. We found ourself in a fix having to again go over all the details of our kitchen plan to the millimeter level and then giving a green signal for production. After this the delivery of all materials as part of our order reached our home on 12th of August. We were required to pay another 15% and we did so. The order was missing several things and included some more changes. The installation took from 12th of August till third week of September (20th) with a few more things pending. There was no follow up for the pending things to be fixed and our time for being available at site whenever installation was needed to be done was taken for granted. The whole installation process was long and we had to take care of regular cleaning of the workspace. Until the basic structure of the lower cabinets were done (since they didn't stick to the signed plan dimensions) , the granite dimensions could not be accurately taken and ordered. Once they fixed the lower cabinets, the granite order (external to kitchen company) was given and the kitchen only got usable (as in something can be placed on the countertops and cooking can happen) by end of Setember. We will move in by 4th of October and still have pending items that they have to get and existing doors/drawers that they have to fix. We feel the changes and delay and pending items are unacceptable. We do not want to work with the company anymore and allow them into our home (as a professional company would set a time limit to their work completion - but they obviously are not that). The main person whom we interacted with has not even come to see the kitchen after the basic installation and see what items are pending. I feel the delay they caused, made me spend three months of extra rent and that they should bear the cost. The time, effort and stress they have caused us cannot be measured for compensation. The fact that they get large amount orders and our order was for a smaller amount and hence received less attention has been evident in the talk of the salesperson over the phone several times. What can we do ? Can we refrain from paying the remaining amount and get the fixes done by another group and file a complaint against them with the consumer forum ? I have already sent a formal line-by-line detail on all that went wrong to the salesperson through whatsapp. I plan on writing a formal email to the company head and outlining the same. Pls advice if we can do something.