problem with wife

Dear Sir I am Arahim from India I have problem with my wife I have two daughter married i give divorce to my wife before 15 years she do not accepted she file case against me and court make to pay maintenance and I am regularly paying and I have small agriculture plot comes inheritance so when I died my separated wife has right in that plot of land if yes how i can transfer to my sister because my wife and her family is danger beating my father and my sister that's why i don't want to give this plot and now i am outside country and how i can transfer my property to any other name or sale from outside country and When I am Alive they can take my property or when i am dead they can take if yes please way to transfer my property as alive and how i can give my property when i am dead and we already make cases when they beat us If she became angle also i don’t need this wife i am not marry other from 15 years because I am afraid and from outside India how i can transfer my property I Want to divorce her Thank you Regards Arahim