Fraudulent practices by Mobile Insurance company.

I had bought my handset from Mi about 2 months ago. While I was at their office, they persuaded me to buy their insurance called OneAssist that dealt with water damage and accidentals and promised me a replacement handset while I got my own back, for Rs. 500. I bought it since it sounded like an attractive deal. Approx. a month after buying the phone, it suffered a dent in it's body so I gave OneAssist thephone for repair. Keep in mind the phone was absolutely fine and the slight damage was only to the exterior. Nevertheless, I decided to get it fixed so I submitted it to the company. It has been almost a month that they have had the handset with them and they say they haven't even had a chance to look at it yet. Even the claim for the replacement handset was rejected without my notice because they said I was out of serviceable area, which I highly doubt is true because the area I live in has a KFC, a McDonalds and a Burger King literally 500m from each other, not to mention all the different malls in close proximity as well. When I asked them for a list of serviceable areas or the opportunity for me to personally come in and receive the replacement handset myself, they denied it. Now, a month down the line, I asked for my unrepaired handset back as they didn't seem like they were going to do anything with it anytime soon. After a lot of delays, the guy came and delivered a handset that looked a lot like mine (cracks on the screen protector in all the right places) except with a repaired back panel, which had someone else's name on it. The phone refused to turn on and when I confronted the courier person with this issue, they called the service center and confirmed the phone was, in fact, not mine. Nevertheless, I waited another day and upon calling them today, they tell me that the phone was actually my own and that it didn't start so they had forwarded it to the service center again. My phone had worked perfectly fine prior giving it to OneAssist and this makes me assume that they are switching out parts from the handset before returning it. Moreover, upon further researching, the amount of complaints against this company are colossal, with everyone suffering the same way I did. I want to sue and expose this company for it's doings as it cannot be allowed to scam people any further. Search for complaints against OneAssist and you will see. Please help with my proceedings.