Termination without giving notice, misrepresentation of facts

Hi, I have worked for a company for about 1.7 years. They have a process of everyone signing bond for 2 years. Though though negotiating with manager I was able to convince to release me 2 months prior to Bond period ( have it on email). Afterwards, behaviour of the manager was indifferent and it was totally unprofessional. I decided to speak to HR and they terminated me without any discussion. Afterwards, its been a nightmare of them misrepresenting the facts, allegations etc. ( I have all the communication on email). They have sent me termination letter citing Misbehaviour, performance and insubordination as the reason for termination. They have also said they have given me reasons, though there were no reason ever given verbal/written. They are not responding to my mails for FnF. they have caused mental harassment, agony and professionally ruptured my image. The principles of natural justice were not followed as well. Please let me know what option I have, can I drag them to courts? Will this matter to be pursued though Labour court or civil court.