Please help me & let me know my legal right

Hello Sir Nadeem Qureshi. my name is ABCD, i was working in Dubai almost 10 years, i had 2 bank loans and respectively i have finished both the loans, last year 2015 i came on emergency leave due to my mother death for 10 days, but here i been put it into a very complicated family situation, my wife and one year old daughter became alone, i hardly managed my family and make ticket after 25 days to go back to work, before i fly 2 days i received a mail from my MD mentioning no need to come back u r fire, i called him and he treat me very bad n saying u r late 15 days without informing us that's why no need to come, while i was coming in emergency i booked my one side ticket from my credit card of AED 1000, now i m here in my country since 22 August 2015, one year no one contacted me from Dubai now since few days i m receiving calls from local numbers and abusing me and harrassing me that i have dues and i have to clear, can u please let me know what is my legal rights in this case as i been fired from my job, the attitude and behave of local person is very disgusting and unaffordable, pls help me in this case i am unable to sleep even due to this issue.