Wife not allowing to see Child(8 months)

I am married on Feb 2015,At the time of my marriage i fed up of my career and job(not settle down well)And also because of my parents superstitiuos approach towards marriage(horosscope etc.,)they're rejected lots of good girls.And finally i said YES to this marriage So At the time of engagement And marriage time also We both not spoke with each other. Only five months we lived together(in Bangalore).After she got conceived she went to her parents home (Chennai).But unfortunately Due to some fights between us(From small issues and issues related to her previous Love affair which i found in whatsapp) and between our parents (Dowry etc.,).We not even talking to each other through phones also when she was with her parents(chennai). Only at the time of kid's birth only i met her again(Made big mistake by Not with her at the time of pregnency period) .After five months of kid's birth I made wrong decision again to compel my wife to stay in my home town along with my parents So its only way for my parents to get love and affection of my parents towards to my kid. But only it lasts 20 days then my wife and my mom got fight with each other(three months before)and my wife went back to her parents home (Chennai). But I really want to forgot all and want to live together after our kid's birth but now my wife not willing to talk or allowing to see her /Kid.Now her father kept them somewhere which i can't able trace. Last three months I tried alot to contact with them but no response.All their mobile switched off and her father not lifting phone. Now is there any chance to see my Kid atleast do husbands having right for that?