Delay in settling final dues -by Mumbai Employer

Dear Sir, Good Morning&Greetings for the Day! My self is BE(Civil), was GM(perations)- My previous employer still not paid the balance amount of final settlement. I resigned on 3rd may 2016-and by 2nd oct 2016 5 months will be over. They paid part payment(Rs 55,000/-) in july 2016, still balance is Rs 1,09,131/- of final agreed amount of final settlement. I wrote so many emails, but no reply.I called so many times but ot receiving call. Even i proposed him an option of 4 PDC of equal amount -sept,oct,nov,dec 2016 , 30th day of the month. can u pls advise what is the legal way to get this money from such a employer. which ministry will help me ? how quick they will take action against employer?how many times do i need to appear infronnt of court?is there any provision for interest on outstanding payment?is there any provision for mental torture/loss of mental health due to rude behaviour of employer.?which labour court i can lodge the complaint?residence area effects filing complaint? I will be grateful to receive yor reply in detail at the earliest. Also-the employer not even maintaining PF account and not even having group insurance for this a fault?pl advise. Thanks and Regards