Is temporary employment considered as "employed" in law

Hi, I recently won the case from my tenant on the base of bona fide need in the lower court in Delhi. There is a shop that the tenant is occupying and we filed the case based on the fact that my wife who is a BA, BEd teacher and is unemployed and my father who is retired govt. servant and is now unemployed are in the need of the shop as they want to run a coaching center. Based on that we won the case in lower court. Now the tenant has challenged the order in high court and is citing the fact that my wife is employed in a school on a temporary basis, which she is since 2011, but the fact is that she is hired as a temporary teacher and only for 10 months every year. The school shows break in service for 2 months every year. My question is - Would high court consider his petition and/or put a hold or revert the order based on the fact that my wife has temporary employment? Because when we filed the case we mentioned that my wife is unemployed. Does court consider temporary employment as "employed"?