Can outsider file a case?

Hi, I am Praveen and I am living outside India. I have small doubt. In my town there was a big joint family where a father has around 11 sons. Now that father was expired and even some of his sons also expired. That father didn't divide his joint property. But internally his sons decided how to devide. But there was no written document or partition deed for that understanding. Now one of his sons and that son's son went to registrar's office to register their part of property on their name. And registrar asked them for link document or partition deed, if they don't have any of them all the legal heirs of that common property has to sign for registration. But they don't have any of those documents and even they refused to bring all the legal heirs to witness the registration. Finally they managed and their part of property was registered on their name. That grandson is my friend only. And now we had a discussion on legal system and on part of that we stopped with an argument that one can file a case against this fraudulent transaction in court of law. And other said that no outside person can do that other than their family members because outsiders has no interest in this transaction even though it is a fraud transaction. But my question is can a outsider file a case against this as here in this case a government employee involved or misutilsed his powers?