Husband and his family is mentally torturing

I was married in Feb 20th, 2015. From 2015, month of August My husband is not living with me in a proper way. I am a service holder and we both were working before in same company.About him as he has his widow mother and widow sister and his sister's daughter. He and his family treating me as their servant rather that his wife or daughter in-law, from 6 - 7 months he is not making physical relationship with me, whenever I wish to make physical relationship, he refuse to do as he is very busy with his study or he is very tired, and fights with me. He and his family are using me as wife only to show the society that he is married. He is using me for fulfilling her financial needs and for social status only. On 14th day of my marriage means 6th of March 2015, he and his mother (mother in-laws) asked me for money for House expenses. Then day by day he used to torture me mentally and physically also. On month of August 2015 he started affair with some other girls. Then we both(me and my husband) are shifted to Bangalore on month of 10th of October, 2015. One day i caught his relationship with one girl then he beated so much.From the month of March till now i am giving him 10,000 rs for house expenses as his income is more than 3 times of my income. on month of Nov 2015, i told all this things to his mother then she replied me to take a divorce. Then i kept silent as i know their expectation from me. Everyday my husband and his family asked me for more money . I refused to gave then money more that 10,000 rs, then my husband tried to kill me or what i don't know but he beated me with a sharp knife and on that day i shouted loudly to save myself. He and his parents are forcing me to keep relation only with them and forget all my family members. They are also threatened me to ruin my carrier n life if I have not obeyed them. Many times they have threatened to kill me if I will not fulfill all needs of his family. As both are working person he never ever help me in any house work. As per his thinking "he is a male person so he is not used to do any house work his only duty is to watching TV, playing game in laptop or chatting with many girls in phone Even she is not washing her own used dress, that's I have to wash. Now about 2 months we both are stay in one house as two unknown person, now i am not doing cooking also as i was telling him first to solve all problem otherwise i am not doing any work. I have tried to discuss with him many times but he was not interested and today also he is not interested. Finally i told all things to his mother and with my family. Now my family wants to talk with him and his family. But the problem is that now his family is not picking my parents phone and also avoiding to discuss all this things. Please suggest me, what to do in this situation how to solve all this problem and get out of it?