Love relationship problem

I was in a relationship with a girl for past 2 year she has done everything for me few days ago we planned to meet otside her home at late night i was on main highway she was coming from her house but in meanwhile police catch her and call her parents. Police also cath me and putted me behind the bars without any case without any application just because for money they saide girl said you were kidnapping her. Next day they leave me at that time just because of heat of the moment i sent her nacked pics to her mother number and threthen them. Those nacked pics were sent by herself from her whatsapp. After that they call us from that they they started torturing me they said i was harassing there daughter i forcefully gave her cell phone they were appealing i was blacmailing there daughter. But i have all the text messages and one hand written letter from that girl stating that we were in a relationship and she was pregnant i also have messages in which girl was asking me to took her my home she said to me please talk to your father about this. I have all the text messages from her phone number and her family members phone numbers. I also have one vedio clip in which that girl is saying show this vedio clip to others so that they will know which type of a girl i am. I also have text messages in which she was saying that she will commit suiside if i left her she was asking for sleeping pills as well.