Ipc 279 & 338

Dear Sir, On 9th September 2016, One of my Relative(Female) had an Accident with a women ageing around 49 outside my house. Speed of the car was not more than 10 KMPH. We asked that women to first come to the hospital along with us for treatment but refused to do the same and went to police station for complaint. by looking at such behavior we were very upset. On that day FIR was not logged and case was cleared as Govt hospital report didn't show any Fracture or Major injury. But on 21st Sept 2016, Few Friends of that Women came to my house asking money for the same as she was asked for 1 month rest by a private hospital's doctor. We asked those ladies to call us after two days for settlement but we did't receive any call from them. On 24th Sept 2016, we got a call from police station saying that there is an FIR logged against you under sec 279 & 338 and also police said that we didn't care for her after that accident. It was really shocking for us to know such thing and was very depressing. Though we got bail but my vehicle is still under police custody. Need your guidance in scenario whether we should settle the case outside or we should fight for the same in court.