Tenant issue

I had given my flat on rent in Hyderabad. The rental agreement expired after 11 months but with mutual agreement and trust the tenant continued to stay for additional 3 years. There was lots of damage to the flat that I noticed after taking the vacant possession of the flat. Tenant is refusing for any damage repair adjustment from the security deposit and is not providing bank details so that I can transfer the balance deposit. He in fact took some items from the flat with him and after I caught him is saying I will return it. He has delayed it for 4-5 months. Finally we both settled on a amount but he still did not provide bank details. Now to my surprise he has sent a letter through lawyer saying that I have fraudulent intention and I m cheating him and asking for entire deposit refund and not to repair any damage caused by him in his stay of 4 years. I m really irritated and frustrated with this. He has breached my trust and now acting smart to deny the repair work. Please suggest what should I do now.