Regarding my loan

I took a personal loan in shriram city union finance 4 years before paid 19 installments out of 24. the remaining total amount due was 18,000 which i couldn't pay at that time due to some financial constraints. later when i approached them to start paying they were asking 40,000, so i left it. then they put ex-party case on me in arbitration court trying to put salary attachment on my surity, so i also approached a lawyer and defended the case. two years before that case got 'disposed." it is given like this when i checked online with last hearing date that since shriram did not appear for case, it was "disposed." now shriram approached me again and is threatening for 50,000, i said i will pay my 18,000 which is actually due. they are not accepting that. saying that they will again reopen the case. my question is whether they can reopen the case or not. any government organization is there to approach for them threatening me like this, i want to pay and close the deal. is there possibility hereafter to put salary attachment on my surity ? please help me.