Effect of Counter complaint by husband against his wife

I gave 2 complaints before the all women police station against by my husband and his parents and sister who has been torturing me by assaulting, scolding by demanding dowry, keeping my private videos, kept me in the room itself without providing food and also tried to murder me, while being so once assaulted me and sent me out from the home due to that, Police came and sent me through an auto to give complaint to the police station. but without taking any action the police officials sent me with my husband to take separate house and live. As said my husband took separate house, but his tortures did not reduce at all and again one night he tried to kill me by assaulting and strangulating my neck so I gave complaint through 100 and I got hospitalised on 23.6.16 night but the police officials did not take any action till 25.06.2016 9pm and gave CSR only by 8.10 pm on my repeated request and did not conduct even enquiry at my husband. Hence I filed a petition before the High Court to register the case but it was informed to the court that there is a counter complaint by my husband against me and CSR was also given for that and enquiry conducted and closed on 25.06.2016. Therefore Court ordered to re-open and enquiry both the complaints. Now I want to know here the police officials saying there is a counter complaint by my husband against me that I tried to murder him. more over its a family dispute they cannot take any action against my who tried to murder me. what is the remedy available now for me... Please help me. What I have to do next to protect me from the counter complaint case and to take action on my complaint.