Complaint against the dog owner

On 1stAuguist I shifted in an house in Mumbai. My flatmate is an real estate broker in the same area of my house. He's having two dogs, one Beagle and other one Saint Bernard (6-7 yers old full grown). (ref link: He never tie his dogs and saint Bernard is a very aggressive dog and he bit the guy living in my room before me. My servant told me that this dog has a history of around over 15 people. On 6th september this dog attacked me for no reason. It was a life threatening attack by that dog and he bit me on my chest leaving a 3 cm hole inches down from my neck. It's a serious wound I would have been surely dead if was on my neck. This dog's ownere took me to a hospital and abandoned me there. Doctors prescribed immediately to be injected with Rabbies Immunoglobin which is around Rs. 25,000/- to Rs 30,000/- cost. This refused to take any responsibility and I was left without that injection in pain for the first 24 hours, which was the time duration prescribed by doctors for the injection. I Filed the FIR against the dog owner but police just called him to the station once for questioning and told me that they'll file the charge sheet in next 3-4 weeks. Nobody visited the dog or our house ever. I tried approaching PETA and they just spoke to owner and the dog's veterinary and inquired about the dog's vaccination and medical history and told me they can't do more than that. Now my flatmates is harassing me and threatening me to leave the room. He also leave the dogs outside my room when I am inside. Even if the dog's vaccinated he's still dangerous and lethal. My wound is still deep and no recovered. But i could be dead. We have small kids and senior citizens living in our building and its a small building without lift and everyone uses the common stairway. Please suggest me what are my legal rights and action i can take. These a dogs are now even our goverment realised are not fit to live in our country and they ended up further banning them. I want to take some serious action against this dog owner but I can't afford much. Please suggest.