Illegal sale purchase agriculture land, dividation n CLU n r sale

Sir, Our agriculture land (around 4 acre) is situated in sonepat (haryana). The same land was diluted under court case in district, status quo. The land was joint property and sold by the oweners except one person (total 6 co sharer). During court case the land purchased by a industrialist and suit file for dividation in revenue court. One cosharerer filed complaint that land purchased during dispute and is due to pendency of the court case can not divided partitions. Revenue court divided the land and ignored our complaint. Then industrialist got sanctioned CLU( during pendency of court case which was in another court and shown that they are not aware about any dispute, though they were aware) After getting CLU land sold to other purchasers. Other side civil ourt announced judgement and two coosharer were out from the ownership of the land...due to a registered will (both were sold land during court case) Finally our share increased bcz two coosharer were out out of six..and there share should be divided among four as per court order..but land is already sold and purchased.. Now..issue is very complicated...the first time land was sold in 2009 and we have sent more than 50/complaint during (2008-2015) to revenue deptt, deputy commissioners, commissioners, police, CLU deptt, vigilence but no final action taken by the deptt. I m senior citizen..farmer family...ecnomicly weak.. Pls suggest me short..less expensive method..or process.. Or How we can approach to directly high court..for relief. Pls guide n help us.. Regards