Divorce case- 5 months into marriage

Hello , MY brother is been married for 5 months now. but my brother doesn't want to stay in the marriage as he finds the lady in-compatible in terms of behavior , physical and emotionally. the girls side is forcing to give a chance. they are calling most of our relatives and convincing them that my brother is an alcoholic and has other bad habits . but still they should continue the marriage. yesterday it was decided to have a common meeting.but 15 relatives including girl had come to our home and created a scene . also they had brought along the lady lawyer and family counselor. Also took all the presents back along with gold ornaments. The girl abuses my mother and has also said that due to stress she'll commit suicide. The girl is at her mothers place since 2 months. the Husbands stand is firm of not continuing the marriage. My Mother and brother both are in government service. and fear that the wife's side will accuse them of false cases like mental harassment and dowry. All the common expenses had been shared 50-50 on bill. and no dowry was asked. Pls help the way out