Tenant denying to vacate home and filing a false case on owner

Hello, I'm Shiva, I stay in Hyderabad in a rented flat. Our own house is in Shadnagar(Telangana). In 2013 my family moved to Hyderabad and we gave our house on rent. There were no agreements made(small town), as a owner we take one month rent from tenants(for the on going month). After 3 years in May 2016, our tenant started complaining that there is no water, we don't like staying in this home and so on. We asked him to vacate if they doesn't want to stay, then our tenants said ok, we will vacate soon. On September 11, my mother visited our home just to see if everything is good. Wife of the tenant started abusing my mother and conversation ended up by my mother saying vacate home by 1st of October for which our tenants agreed. Later after few days, tenant called us and said he will vacate on November 1. But by then we decided to go back to our own home and we informed our present landlord that we will vacate home(in Hyderabad) on or before October 4 and our flat owner has committed to rent out flat to different party after October 4. We happened to say to our tenant to vacate it by 1st of October and not on November 1. But tenants are now asking to inform at least 1 month before vacating(no agreement made but people made it a standard rule in Shadnagar). With that rule, we agreed to allow them to stay till October 10 with which 1 month will be completed. But our tenant doesn't agree for that and started behaving rude and now he's saying I will not vacate until 1st November. I firmly asked him to vacate by 10 October over the phone, tenant said to come home and to say that. Me along with my mother went to Shadnagar and we asked them to vacate. But tenant started raising issues and gathered 15-20 local neighbors and started a verbal fight(they came towards us literaly as if they want to beat), abusing me and my mother(we 2 and tenant side people are 15-20), they are now saying to give at least 2 months time(in their favor). I immediately called police and complained about the situation. 2 police came in 10mins. 1 police inquired and asked tenants to vacate on or before October 10, immediately another police started 'no no, they will vacate on Oct 25(as he wanted to make final statement with his decision)'. I questioned him how will that be possible, we have to vacate our flat and we will have to occupy our home. Police said, you informed them today(as per what he knows) and it will be 1 month from now i.e Oct 25. I disagreed and asked them to vacate on Oct 10. Since I didn't agree, police took a complaint from tenants wife stating that I harassed her and abused her along with my mother. I received not less than 7 calls from the same police asking to come to station and appear. Laws in our country goes in favor of women, because of which I'm afraid that my career will get spoiled. Tenant's wife is saying that she will beat me in front of police, 2 police stood helpless. Please advise what rights do I have as a owner to get my home vacated by 10 October and also to defend the complaint made against me