FIR Filed under section 498a and 406 - False complaint

Hi, My wife Filed case on 498a and 406 right after she left matrimonial house in Feb 16 The police called me for counseling and I went there and they humiliated and tortured me and served 41 A I moved for anticipatory bail where in laws protested and I got interim for 12 days and after they got y bail rejected, saying I am not cooperating, though I visited even before 41A notice they are not mentioning it in court police diary. Now I moved to High Court and there also I have got two month interim bail In Parallel Sec 125 case is going on My lawyer is now saying that, go to police station and whatever item mentioned in streedhan and dowry list is left go and give and take receipt. My Questions - 1. The Allegations mentioned are totally false and I have mentioned the same in reply to FIR, since the police officer is affected by bribe from in-laws will he give receipt of application 1b. The FIR is lodged falsely as the place of offence is in different state, but if I go for investigaton there can they falsely charge another event to make their FIR strong? 2. The articles mentioned in 406 are mostly false, and whatever is true has already been taken away by her when she left, though there are some small silver articles left that were used in worship before marriage and not exactly streedhan - My lawyer says to go and make the list and give the articles directly to partu in police station and if they don't accept then handover to police and take receipt - My question is that - i. Does this go against me saying that some exchange did take place and right now it is just FIR, and this makes 406 case against me? There was no dowry ii. They should prove that they bought and gave the stuff - how can I give it directly, there should be some proof for them so I handover, that should be done in front of judge is that right iii. Police has not called me, should I go on my own, does this help in getting anticipatory bail