Why to pay maintenance charges to RWA?

Hello Experts, I'm living in a society in my own house. Our society comes under Village Panchayat. I pay my all dues directly and timely, dues like Electricity, water, sewage (it's when maintenance work required). In our registered society, there is no working committee, no president, treasures have been chosen, although few of society residents have started collection of maintenance charge every month, they said they will construct Road, Garden, Will install street lights in some part of society etc. They also have collected few years ago but in between they stopped collection and now have started since last 2 months again. Now, my question is, whose duty it is to construct basic infrastructure like road, street lights etc in any society? I told them it is duty of local MLA to do development work in his area but they said it's all bookish thing, be practical and pay charges, we all have to do all these development work by ourselves, they didn't listen a single word of me, are they at right side?? If so, then why we pay many kind of taxes, why we choose MLA? If MLA or Gram Panchayat is not ready to provide basic amenities. They also said me to go and talk to MLA directly myself as they are not interested to have communication with MLA! I contributed some money voluntary for festival like GARBA when they demanded but they are forcing and threatening to pay monthly maintenance charge, they have collected a good amount from the society but I don't know which kind of maintenance they are doing. They come and make nuisance on my gate and shout a lot to pay monthly charges regularly. Please suggest how to get rid of with this trouble? Thank you in advance for your valuable suggestions.