Premature delivery operation by doctor giving inappropriate fact

Sir, My wife delivered a baby girl on 1/09/2016 by c-section(operation). During the entire proccess i feel that the doctor that attended my wife put the inappropriate fact before my family members(my father in law) and made them terrified and convince that operation is mandatory. My wife went to her fathers home just one day before and previously she was taken care by other doctors in different city with me.she went for delivery in her fathers home. she wanted to start her treatment there(My wife's expected date of delivery was 22/09/2016 and we have consulted doctor and done ultrasound just five days before and everything was normal as per my doctor who was treating her from the starting of conceiving her in different city with me) so she just went for routine check up in the afternoon of 1/09/2016 but during the examination it seems that doctor started pressuring my father in law for operation on the basis of ultrasound done and other examination by her verbally. at that time doctor has not given any report to my father in admitted my wife for observation and at around 8 pm doctor told my father in law for necessity of operation and on the same day doctor done the operation in night at 10:00pm. after delivery and discharge i got the report with file and in her ultrasound report done by this doctor it was clearly mentioned that everything is normal and means that there was no any emergency condition that doctor described for reason of birth by operation. Further I think that we have cheated by doctor and want a legal investigation against her so as to bring the reality out. Please suggest that how I can proceed for police complaint or complaint in any other relevant department. Regards P.Agrawal