My wife filed domestic voilence case sec12

I am in chennai, i got married on june 2015, marriage held at arni, on the marriage day my father in law behaved violently and he gone away in the marriage hall, after he brain washed my wife, she got all her jewels with in three months, she worked and earned monthly 50K, but she didnt not spend any of the money to my family, she gave to his father, some times she behaved violently, a little misunderstanding she gone to her father , he and his behaved violently to me and gone to her home(bangalore) on 4th may 2016, now she filed case against me domestic violence case sec 12,in Bangalore and asking maintenance 27 lakhs , we tired some times to get back her, but her father not allowed to talk, and used parliamentary words , now my family is mentally upset, due to this my father and mother was unwell, now i filed konjical rights under section 9, to live with her, now i cant able to judge her, i dont know what too do now, she and her father always rejects my call, they looking for money. kindly suggest