Filling a case of 417 against false information

Respected Sir I need a great help and justice. I am a girl from golaghat district of Assam and 2 years before I had a break with a boy after having a relationship of 2 years.In d entire period of relationship i gave my 100% so that i can keep the relationship alive. But slowly our relationship was going to be too pain for me and finnally it was untollerable.The reason for break up was he quarrels with me for no reason n physically and mentally torture me.He cals me in his home and fact was unknown to my family and sometime if I refuse to go he fights with me and stop talking to me for months and even do break up..When things went intolerable I protested not to listen him and stopped going to his home. And for this he became more violent and call me and my family and very abusive and slang words and even frighten me that he will insult me in front of my neighbors and village the middle he phone call me and scold me for which I changed my number and now after 2 years he ischarging that I had broke the relationship and not he..He is filling a case of 417 against me and mention that his family has taken my expenses of studying of 2 years which is not true..I even have phone call record of past 2 years he used slang words against me and frightened me by saying that he will scandalize my name.Please help me by giving your suggestions.