Suggestion on filling divorce.

Dear Sir, I married to girl on 31/1/2015 & I am coming from lower middle class family in Ahmedabad. After few month I have come to know that he was speaking with some unknown number & on asking whose number is that she told me that it her brother's number but after few days I found that that number was not her brother's number & for that reason we fought & she lying that these number was wrong number & to know whose number is she is calling. Finally these incidents reach to my & her parents as it is arranged marriage her father threaten us for divorce but my parents ask me to compromise & I have done same. After few month she told me to took separation from my parents but I rejected. After 1year of my marraige I came to know she is pregnant which makes my entire familly happy but she created dispute in my sister's family by defaming her laws & defame my mother by tolding them that my mother is responsible for that & also my mother is defaming them which was not true. Now I want to clear it with my sister's law as they are frustrated with defame & they also thinking my mother defame them so I decide to clear all this matter & want to prove my wife done these stupidity to save my sister's marriage. So when I asked my wifi to told the truth on front of all she went to her Father's house & not coming at my house & also on phone call she told me that she is not wanting to come here & her father also threaten me to legal procedures so I asked her to divorce as she doesn't want to come but she told me do whatever you want to do & she didn't talk about divorce. I have call recording of her in which she is saying that she will not come at my home again. But now my in laws are not responding my calls & also she. After this my parents went their house but she denied to come. She is not giving respect to my parents & talking with me very badly. I think she is doing this for separation with my parents. I am 26years old & only source of income of my family. My parents work really hard to paid my fees by doing overtime & labour work as they are not educated they provide me education till 10th in one of the best school in Ahmedabad after than I have completed B.Com. along with part time job to support them & pay my fees. My parents told me to go seprate & leave my life but I can't leave my parents as I have seen them to do their best for my future & it is now my turn to do something for them. I am working with private limited company with monthly salary of Rs.20000 & having debt of Rs.200000 for my marraige. Now I am really fealling depresses & not able to focus on my Job. I have dream for my career & life & due to continue issues of her I am not able to give my best efforts which is impacting on my Job & fealling mentally Harassed & some time thought for suicide but thought of my parents changed my mind. So Kindly suggest me what should I do?? Should I go for divorce & if yes then what to do if she will ask for maintainance as my salary is not enought to give maintainance & debt clearance as same time?? So guys please help me & give me valuable suggestions ASAP. Sorry for my bad English.