Mentally harrased by husband directly and by in-laws indirectly

I need help that I m a working girl married two years ago...during initial days my life was going well..but after that I mother in law and father in law was mentally harrasing me for very little issues like household work and some other little issues and threten me by saying we call your family and we talk to them even they did it sometimes by putting some false allegations against me...after that I used to live with my parents for 1 month.. Then my husband call me to come back..but his family by planning with him forced me to live with by husband on rented house after 6 months of separation with family my in-laws filed a false case against me by saying that I m tourturing them by going their house and they abstrained me and my husband from going their house... My husband by emotional drama convince to go court and sign on the alligation that they have put on me..he said I don't want any case against my parents and I don't want to have any relationship with them... Considering my husband I went to court and signed..but after that slowely slowely my husband behaviour changed he said you are the reason I left my family.... Parents did nothing wrong to you.... If want to make a complaint just do that I m working in a court and my parents are senior citizen u can do nothing and said now u see what we will do with u....I don't understand what they want to do, what is running behind...I m very much tensed.... I have a fear that they will put me in a false case to get me out of my husband life and want him to remarry