Property Dispute

Hello All, I am Kathir from Tamilnadu. This issue what I am going to explain is about Property. I have come to this site in a trust someone will definitely help me get my property back. I would definitely believe in “Truth alone Triumphs”. Here we go, First of all let me explain about my family details, For my grandfather three Son’s. First is my father who is no more. Second two are my Uncle’s. For my father I and my younger brother are children. My grandfather expired 6 months ago. And all the property were portioned and written on the will. And out of which two of the property’s where in the name of my grandmother. And a month ago she died. However before she died she was living with my last uncle and he was taking care of her, hence they got a Will wrote on his name on my property. Out of all the property one of my share property which was on grandma’s name was given to me when my grandpa was alive and I was doing agriculture and maintaining it for more than 6 or 7 years. That property which I was doing agriculture and another property which was on grandmother’s name is the issue now. Will explain how, Property 1:- Grandmother wrote it on my last uncle’s name. Which was only on her name and no one was taking benefits on it. Property 2:- Which was given to me by my grandfather for which my grandmother wrote a will for it on my Last Uncle’s name. As it was on her name too. Now I don’t know how to proceed further to get my share property from my Uncle. Everyone saying that I can only forget about it and I can do nothing as she wrote a will for my uncle. Please help me on this as quick possible to get my share property. Moreover he was the one who got all the documents of our property, WILL and all the details. But when we ask for a photo copy or original he is abusing us and not ready to hand over any of the property details. And one Note about the property, which was on grandma’s name was all hard earned by grandfather as Grandmother was a house wife and she don’t have any source of income. And somehow finally we got the document detail for one property out of two which I had explained above. I may be contacted by – 7200662666 / Thanking you all in advance.