Married men blackmailing a girl

Its regarding a girl she istays away from her hometown to study.there through other friends he met this guy who was promising her of getting married to her just to make sexual contacts.she came to know that he is already married so started avoiding him but he started telling her to come and meet her otherwise he will show her photographs to her parents .he took her parents and grandparents phone numbers by cheating.she shifted her house and stpped picking up the calls and stpped meeting her ...but few days earier he left the message that he needs the money if she will not give then he will send the phtographs and when she didnt responded her he called hher parents that she owe somemoney tell your daughter to talk to me as she knows about the money. now girl has informed her parents but nobody knows what to do as that boy is from chandigarh belongs to a rich and influential family. that girls final year is left she is scared if they file a police complaint he will give bribe to police and roam around freely and definetly will harm in one or other way .his wife thinks that this girl is after her husband ,his husband is not wrong......according to the girl he is wealthy enough he is making excuses for money as he wants her to come and meet him so that he can sexually harrass what are the steps to take. As the girl is not on facebook or so but that person is having the photographs which need to be destroyed as in future he might blackmail her again ....please suggest something