Negligence of service of a corporate hospital Lab.

I consult a orthopedic surgeon in seven hills hospital on 16th Sept-2016, he advised some lab tests, after observing the report of ESR-97mm/1hr., he referred to me a chest physician. Again chest physician advised me some tests including ESR on 17th Sept-2016. But ESR report was 17mm/1hr, which was done in same Lab of Seven Hills Hospital. In 24 hrs. of difference ESR report difference was 80mm/1hr.. Doctor again advised to do it in other Lab. The report was 12mm/1hr after 48 hrs. of 2nd test done. Now my complain is, due to high ESR value, orthopedic Spl. referred to Chest Spl. and I suffered mental, physical & financial loss. Seven Hills Hospital Lab is a NABL Laboratory, being a NABL laboratory it is giving this type of report which is more effective to all patient's life. I asked the laboratory doctor, he admitted the error & I asked the total amount to reimburse me (which was the total expenditure for consultations & tests). Doctor told me that we discuss & contact you, but already 4 days gone, no contact from them. Please tell me what should be my next step to teach them.