Advice for custody and divorce

Hello Sir, my husband is not working and he always chewing gutka , smoking and drinking everyday, and always abusing and beating me, apart from this, when i married, after 3 months i come to my mother's home from in this habit, and i very much ill so that i come to my home with my brother, after 5-6 month my husband feeling sorry for that and return to my in laws home, after one month my baby's born and he is starting all the things again and told me he kill my son if i go to my home, then i call to mediator (my sister and her husband) and go back to my home (father's home) with them. and file a divorce case. on 1st hearing he is not attending. after that he say sorry and give compromise letter to court not to drink and chewing all thing and not beating me, and bearing all expense relate to home. and never claim the custody from his family. but after a one month he is forget all the thing and at last he is trying to burn me. and i file the complain against him in police chowki now, I want to take advice from your side plz help me and give me good advice