Physical and Mental harassment

Dear Sir/Madam, This is about a girl’s situation. She got married and lived with husband for few months. He started harassing her physically and mentally using very bad language immediately after marriage. Within first 6 months of time he has physically harassed 5-6 times and no count for mental harassment. Most of the times he commits mistake due to short temper and later begs for forgiveness. By mistake if we question him, he will start tagging the situation to illegal affairs and tries to block mail by creating bad image in front of others. He has completed LLD but not doing anything currently. Initially we thought it is happening because of young age (off course he is around 28 years old now). But later on we understood that he doesn’t listen to anyone. Often he beats parents and married sisters. Also he doesn’t listen to anyone outside (if anyone tries to tell good words, either he will stop speaking to them or he tries to talk negative about them so that they won’t interfere again). He demanded dowry of 30 lacks to get marry. Girl’s parents agreed for around 25 and paid 10 lacks already and spent around 6-7 lacks for marriage expense and other gifts to bride. Now he started abusing with very bad words. Girl can’t expect how he will be at any point of time. We tried to motivate him several times by saying what is good and what is bad. When we tell him, he says that he has done mistake and won’t repeat again. After couple of hours or days he will go to his normal situation. We have tried to mediate. He wants his wife but she has to be quite irrespective of his physical and mental harassment. Now girl is very afraid and she doesn’t want to go because of his mental situation. We have all evidences of his harassment but confused about how to proceed. What are the sections applicable for this case and how long will it take to complete the case. Also what compensation girl would get, if she takes divorce?