I have been stay alone away fro my Wife and Daughter and have are not in much contact as our relationship is not going good She stays away in a different Town running her own business and is least interested to come back together neither wants to improve the relationship as she has been having extra Marital Affair and thus wants a Divorce . I came to know about this last time I spoke to her about 5 months back as She said she had filed a Case of Divorce and sent a notice to me on my Previous Address , but as my address has changed to a new place I never got any notice. Recently I came to know from some third party sources as she has appealed to the court that as I have not responded to the notice and I am not traceable she should get a Divorce . Also as per the unofficial information received the Court will grant her Divorce in more couple of Hearings. My question is that is it possible that she can get a Divorce without my consent as I have never received any official Notice ? According to the present condition I do not think I would also like to continue with her so What should be my next step ? I have a Daughter who stays with her and has been kept abandoned from me , I want to get my Daughter's Custody . I stay in Kolkata and She has filed the case from Malda which is where she is staying so how do I proceed ?